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Admission Requirements for Primary Students (Ages 7 to 11 ) at HEYA Education

Thank you for considering HEYA Education for your child's education. To ensure a smooth enrollment process, we have outlined the following admission requirements for primary students:


Age Requirement:

Prospective students must be at least 7 years old by August 26, 2024, to be eligible for admission.


Assessment Test:

To ensure HEYA’s programs are a good fit, we require all students to pass HEYA administers a Strengths Assessment. This helps to give us a more comprehensive understanding of who each student is so that we can develop a truly personalized pathway that will meet their needs. For Primary students, we glean this information through observing play-based activities and conversational interviews.


SCAT Test (For Students 8 Years Old and Above):

Students who enroll in gifted program by John Hopkins CTY aged 8 and above are required to take the SCAT (School and College Ability Test) to assess their advanced academic abilities. ( Not required for all students ) 


Previous Academic Records:

Submission of the child's academic records from their previous school is necessary for a comprehensive understanding of their educational background. This includes transcripts, report cards, and any relevant standardized test scores.


Medical Records:

Submission of the child's complete medical records, including information on allergies, medications, and any relevant health considerations. This information is crucial for ensuring the well-being of the child during their time at HEYA.


Parental Interview:

An informal interview with the parents or guardians to discuss the child's needs and expectations, and to provide an overview of our educational approach.

We strive to provide a well-rounded and supportive environment for our students. If you have any questions or need further information, please contact our admissions office.

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