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Who Should Apply?

Besides Gifted and talented kids. HEYA is also designed for any students who are motivated and driven but lack support from their current school environments.  Students who show the following signs would find HEYA's system particularly enriching and fun.

  • Students who are academically advanced beyond their ages and are looking for more challenging course content that better fits their level.

  • Students who show specific interest in certain areas and/or would like to develop portfolios to showcase their special talents for university admission

  • Students who are rebels, independent thinkers, and/or deep conversationalists who would like to find like-minded peers

  • Students who are more comfortable in a smaller and more intimate learning environment

Admission Requirements

Because we want to ensure a good fit for all students who join HEYA, there are some considerations to take into account. First and foremost, is your child ready to be in a driver's seat and take control of their future? 


While some students have a self-directed mindset, many more need a bit of extra help to get them ready for HEYA's environment. Have a look below to see whether your child is ready to begin their HEYA journey. 


Candidates who choose to also enroll in John Hopkins Centre of talented Youth Program are required* to take the SCAT (School and College Admissions Test) through Johns Hopkins University’s Center for Talented Youth (JHU-CTY) and score at or above the 95th percentile. The test will be administered online, but students will sit for it on-site at HEYA where we will proctor.

 Within two weeks of completing the SCAT, students will receive a score report certifying their percentile level, which can then be used to show their gifted status. SCAT results are recognized by many gifted and talented programs globally as an admission criterion. 


Students who do not reach the 95th percentile threshold on the first try are welcome to test again, and HEYA even has a preparation program available should they need some extra help.

* SCAT test is not mandatory for all students 

Admission Preparation Courses (Optional) 

Transitioning from a Traditional School or Homeschool to HEYA's model can be challenging for some students. Since we would like to ensure a smooth transition, our onboarding process begins 3-6 months prior to a student's start date. This process is designed to ensure the student is a good fit for HEYA's system and lets them acclimatize and empower themselves to take charge of their learning. HEYA requires students to go through at least one of the following preparation programs: 

+ HEYA SCAT Test Prep Program:

If you haven't taken a reasoning test like the SCAT previously, you may want to take the time to familiarize yourself with what is on the test and what you need to do in order to achieve the minimum score for admission. HEYA, therfore, offers a SCAT preparation class for all students who aren't sure of their ability to achieve a passing score or who may not have achieved it the first time they sat for the test.

+ HEYA English Prep Program:

Since English is the language of instruction and exploration in most of HEYA's programs, it is imperative that students have a sufficient mastery of it in both conversational and academic/professional terms. For students where this is not the case, HEYA offers an English onboarding program that is designed to ensure students are ready to learn and explore when they begin their HEYA journey. The program will focus on Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking skills, and will be more PBL-focused, to fit with HEYA's model.

+ HEYA Transitional Program:

Many students who come from traditional school environments have been conditioned to learn in a way that doesn't work with HEYA's model. To ensure they are ready to take part in inquiry-based independently-driven learning, this program helps to shift their mindset in that direction so they can succeed in moving toward their futures.

Tuition and Fees

Because of the customized nature of HEYA's programs, tuition can range from THB55,000 - THB 120,000 and up per term, depending on the options/providers chosen and whether students are full-time or part-time. Please check below for our standard fees, as well as downloadable copies of our tuition and fee schedules for 2024.

Enrollment Fee: 50,000 THB ( 50% off  for 2024 ) 

Application and Assessment Fee: 8,500- 15,000 THB

To ensure HEYA’s programs are a good fit, we require all students to pass HEYA administered Strengths Assessment. This helps to give us a more comprehensive understanding of who each student is so that we can develop a truly personalized pathway that will meet their needs. 


For Primary students, whose attention spans are shorter due to their still-developing brains, we glean this information through observing play-based activities and conversational interviews. For secondary students we use several methods including the MIDAS and THOMAS assessments to determine their strengths, intelligence types and mindset. Secondary candidates pursuing artistic pathways can also present their portfolios to show their creative abilities


This fee is a once only, NON-REFUNDABLE payment, due at the time of application. Payment of the application fee does not guarantee a place  for the student.

Copy of Aseesement

SCAT Test prep

Primary and Secondary students who do not pass the test can enroll in a test prep program through HEYA


ESL Program fee

Students who do not pass HEYA's English Proficiency test and need extra support can enroll in HEYA's ESL Program


On-Boarding and Transitioning Program (Optional) 

Many gifted students have spent years at traditional schools being taught not to ask questions or utilize their gifts in a productive way as a result of their school's rigid structure. To ensure those students are ready to fully explore their gifts in our programs, HEYA offers a program to prepare them to excel in our environment.


Tuition fee

HEYA Education believes in making a gifted education as affordable as possible while maintaining the highest set of standards. Please click below to see the tuition options that are available

Academic Terms

HEYA operates on a semester-based schedule, with our Fall term running from late August through mid-December, and our Spring term from early January through early June. A set of summer programs will generally run through July and mid-August. To download a more detailed calendar, please click below:

Admission Process

Unlike traditional schools where one size fits all, at HEYA we tailor the learning experience, curriculum and programming just for you. We go through a process of assessments and meetings with parents and students to ensure your program fits you best. The students and family can then decide what the students will be learning, which curriculum they will follow and at which level, and select any special mentors in the field, equipment, books, etc. HEYA's admissions process can be summarized in three parts as follows: 

Interview and Assessment

Finalize curriculum planning, schedule planning and price

We begin by taking time to get to know each other and going through set of specific questions that are designed to help narrow down your interests and uncover what truly inspires you. 

Using the information from the assessments and interview, we will draft a tailor-made learning plan designed just for you, including an extended overview, clear goals, course subjects, levels, and outlines,  required skills, necessary equipment, time commitment, and pricing options. We will then invite you to a secondary consultation to review the proposal and make adjustments to ensure our goals are aligned.

Submit documents, pay deposit and enroll

Once our goals are aligned, we will need you to submit identification and documentation, as well as make arrangements to settle the balance before the beginning of the term, including a good-faith deposit so we are able to confirm enrollment numbers and determine how much space we have available in your child's cohort.

What exactly happens during an assessment? 

Because we take personalized learning seriously, we assess who you are as a whole person, including your strengths and weaknesses, before we design a program that fits you. Determining this requires expertise from experienced teachers and coaches, who will guide you through a set of tests to determine strengths and opportunities for growth, thus pinpointing your specific interests and specialties.

HEYA Interview Process


For primary students we will conduct a play-based assessment for the student at the same time as interviewing the parents. The process takes 1 hour for the parents and 1 hour for the child. We have a few key parameters we look for as following:

1.   Social Interaction

2.   Problem-Solving Skills

3.   Creativity and Imagination

4.   Fine and Gross Motor Skills

5.   Language and Communication

6.   Cognitive Abilities

7.   Emotional Regulation 

8.   Attention Span

9.   Adaptability

10. Self-Directed Play


We will conduct an in-depth discussion with both parents and the child separately and together. The goal is to understand the student better as a person before making personalized curriculum for them. We will also find out if the student fit with the system and of needed any extra support.​

1. Background and Early Development

2. Intellectual Development

3. Educational Environment

4. Emotional Intelligence

5. Goals and Aspirations

6. Family Values

7. Cultural and Worldview

8. Creativity and Innovation

9. Social Skills

10. Learning Preferences

11. Challenges and Support

12. Future Planning

Registration for
September 2024 is open!

It's time you start your learning journey at HEYA.

Make a switch and take control of your future.

Have Questions?

Give us a call or schedule a virtual Q&A session today. 

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