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Our ​Schooling Programs in Bangkok


Full-Time Programs

HEYA’s full-time program is a complete educational solution intended as a replacement for a gifted student’s current school or homeschooling program. HEYA’s weekly schedule for each semester includes time for both academic learning and specialized exploration, as well as socialization and EQ development.

Part-time program

Part-Time Programs

HEYA offers part-time programs for students who are currently studying in traditional schools, or are being homeschooled. These classes are hybrid versus solely offline. We coach students long-term to see them succeed beyond their current limitations, and provide a variety of deep-dive specialization tracks to choose from, including:

  • Tech Titans (Roblox Coding, Java/Python/Scratch)

  • Business Success (Entrepreneurship, Marketing, and Finance)

  • Young Masters (Fine Arts Introductory Courses, Digital Arts and Animation)

  • Captains of Charisma (Speech and Personality Development, Video Production and Editing)

  • For Secondary students, HEYA also offers fully customized programs. Please contact us for more information.

Part-Time Education Programs

Prep Programs

Due to the differences between HEYA’s approach and those of traditional schools, we feel it is important to ensure that families joining our community are ready to make the switch. Therefore, HEYA offers programs designed to prepare students to thrive in our environment. Whether it's ensuring that applicants are able to receive the necessary score on the SCAT or develop the mindset required to succeed in HEYA's programs, the following solutions are available:

Read More About our Admissions Process

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