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An Innovative Way of Learning

Heya introduces a whole new learning system where the power is shifted from schools to families. We're not your typical school or homeschooling center. HEYA is a hybrid learning center, offering the same diplomas as traditional schools but with a custom-tailored learning experience.


Mixed Learning


HEYA utilizes mixed methods of learning to yield the best results. Each student's pathway will adopt a mix of different ways of learning that fits best them. We have online and onsite group and private classes, as well as online and offline self-study with peers and facilitation. HEYA also encourages and arranges for students to learn subjects outside the centre, such as horse riding, boxing, motocross, rock climbing, swimming, and music, including international field trips.

Custom Program
from experts

Instead of everyone learning the same subjects as everybody else, each student receives assessments and consultations with educational experts to understand their strengths, preferences, and learning styles. They then receive a tailor-made plan designed to help them explore and succeed.


Self Acceleration

With access to programs that let students move at their own pace it's possible to not only graduate early, but to do so with both High School and University transcripts.

Why take a combined ten years for a High School Diploma and  Bachelor's degree? With HEYA, students have the chance to accomplish all of that in only six years!


Finnish Education

HEYA's philosophy is inspired in part by the Finnish educational model, which focuses on individualized learning, collaboration over competition, and a balance between academic and life skills.


Access to top

Top Universities and Ivies are looking for kids who are motivated by clear goals and academic achievement, and possess impressive portfolios showing that they can stretch themselves to go beyond their peers. HEYA's model is designed specifically to develop these factors, giving our students an advantage over other applicants.



All of HEYA's academic programs are fully accredited by top certification bodies in either the U.S. (WASC, Cognia, etc.) or the U.K. (Cambridge, Edexcel, etc.), ensuring your diploma will be accepted globally. You will get your certifications from the same place as many successful celebrities or professional athletes in the US and UK. 

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What Can You Expect

At HEYA every student will be studying next to each other, but exploring different things. Students undergo intensive assessments to help determine their learning plans and life goals. Afterward, each student receives their Personal Learning Plan and schedule with individualized goals and expected learning outcomes.


You can expect the programs to be more intensive than those in regular schools, but the students will be more relaxed and have fun as they are learning subjects that they are passionate about, motivating them to work hard towards their dreams.

What You Can Expect at HEYA

What the Process Looks Like

We go through a process designed to ensure each student will thrive at HEYA, be happy and achieve incredible results.

HEYA Admissions Process

How HEYA Can Help You

HEYA's model is developed to better support gifted and talented students who do not fit in traditional schools and do not want to be homeschooled.

How HEYA Supports Your Child

Let's plan a learning journey together

Don't miss out on this rare and extraordinary chance for your child to seize control of their learning and future. Connect with us today to learn more about this empowering opportunity. 

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