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HEYA Visitor Policy


HEYA’s Visitor Policy has been implemented to ensure all members of the HEYA Community remain safe while in our center. By ensuring clear policies for those who would like to visit HEYA, our intention is to create an environment where all members of the HEYA community can feel safe while they learn and work.



  • To establish and consistently maintain a protocol for admitting visitors to HEYA that is clear to visitors and the entire HEYA community and is in line with HEYA’s Child Protection Policy.

  • To ensure individuals who potentially pose a risk to the safety and well-being of the HEYA community are prevented from endangering the community.

  • To keep HEYA’s center safe and secure for the entire HEYA community.



This policy applies to anyone who visits the center, including but not limited to:

  • All HEYA employees.

  • All external visitors entering the center during or after center hours (including providers of learning support, extracurricular activities, other non-academic services, etc.)

  • Staff, parents/guardians, volunteers, children, and building and maintenance contractors

Protocol and Procedures

Invited Visitors

  • Before a visitor is invited to HEYA, they must inform the Center’s designated contact person, providing a clear explanation of the visit’s date, time, and purpose. Permission must be granted before a visitor is admitted to the Center.

  • Visitors representing the local authority, businesses, contractors, and outside agencies must present formal identification upon arrival.

  • Visitors will complete the form provided by the center and submit it online before their arrival.

  • Visitors must announce themselves, present formal identification and state the purpose of their visit and who has invited them. 

  • While in the Center, visitors must wear an identification badge provided by HEYA at all times.

  • Visitors must wait for their point of contact to come receive them. The contact/inviter will then be responsible for them while they are on site.

  • Upon departing, visitors must sign out and return their identification badge.


Unknown/Uninvited Visitors

  • Any visitor to the Center who is not wearing an identity badge will be asked to identify themselves and state the purpose of their visit. They will be escorted to reception to complete the Visitor Online Form and be issued with an identification badge. The above procedures will then apply.

  • In the event that a visitor refuses to comply with the established protocols, they will be asked to leave the Center immediately.


Child Safety

As part of HEYA’s commitment to our community, our entire team will receive regular training on these policies and procedures. This will ensure that everyone is aware of their roles and responsibilities regarding admitting external visitors to the Center and are empowered to respond effectively to any situations that may arise.


Implementation and Review

This policy will be implemented with immediate effect and will be reviewed annually by the Leadership Team, or more frequently if changes in legislation or guidance require it.


Additional Measures

In addition to the procedures outlined in this policy, HEYA will take additional steps to protect the community, possibly including security cameras, door access systems, and other measures.

In the event of a child protection concern or incident, HEYA will act based on our child protection policy, informing the relevant authorities as necessary.

It is the responsibility of the entire HEYA Community and visitors to the school to be aware of, and adhere to, this policy. Any concerns or breaches of this policy should be reported to a member of the Leadership Team or their Designee for Child Safety.


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