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HEYA Child Protection Policy:

At HEYA Education, we affirm the statement “Everyone is Different; Everyone Belongs” by firmly committing ourselves to maintaining the safety of every child who attends our center. We understand that, as a learning center entrusted with children’s education, the growth that each child needs to undergo happens most effectively in a safe space, and that HEYA bears a great responsibility in providing that space within our centers.


As such, HEYA puts child safety front and center in all our policies, systems and procedures. However, beyond those, HEYA is committed to empowering children in all aspects of their educational journeys, placing their best interests at the core of our mission. Therefore, we ensure each child understands their rights as a member of the HEYA community and feels a level of trust with at least one member of our Educational and Leadership teams where they can communicate anything they need to with the confidence that comes from knowing they’re respected and valued. 


This goes beyond local, national, and international laws and conventions to the very heart of what HEYA stands for: the principle and practice that every child deserves a life free of abuse, neglect, and exploitation, and full of nurturing, exploration, development, and growth-oriented challenges.


This ethos is currently operationalized in the following policies and beyond:

·      Designating a HEYA Leader with ultimate responsibilities for Child Safeguarding;

·      Committing to fully scrutinizing and performing background checks for all employees, interns, and volunteers; 

·      Development and implementation of an age/developmentally appropriate curriculum delivering the skills and knowledge students need to remain safe; 

·      Regularly reviewing our policies to ensure they are effective and understandable by the entire HEYA Education community; 

·      Maintaining secure reporting and documentation procedures of related incidents;

·      Offering a safe, anonymous reporting channel for related incidents. 


As with all educational efforts, we firmly believe that every member of the community shares both the goals and responsibilities for student success. No matter your role within the community, we want you to feel empowered to advocate for the safety of our children.



Ratchanok Wong

Founder and CEO

Alec Goldman

Co-Founder and head of Learning

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