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Primary Full-Time Programs for Gifted Youngsters

Primary Programs in Bangkok

Primary Programs
for Gifted Youngsters

HEYA’s full-time program is a complete educational solution intended as a replacement for a gifted student’s current school or homeschooling program. HEYA’s weekly schedule for each semester includes time for both academic learning and specialized exploration, as well as socialization and EQ development.

'The Primary schedule is more tightly structured than our Secondary schedule to be sure students are getting the balance between the guidance they need and the independent exploration they crave.

A better way to learn.

More advanced content 

Gifted children do not need more work; they need different, more advanced work at a level that will appropriately challenge them.


Deep Dive: More in Depth

Students need in-depth, distinctive, and complex content such as a class in writing fantasy novels instead of general creative writing. 

Acceleration: Self-pace

Gifted kids need little repetition of concepts, as they learn at a much faster pace than their age peers. However, their gifts may not be in every subject.

Focus on Critical Thinking

These students are abstract thinkers and problem-solvers who thrive on complexity and challenge. 


Being In The Right

A positive learning environment also means a place where students' voices matter and are heard. Rules are explained and students get to discuss things with like-minded peers.

HEYA Hybrid Learning Method

Curriculum Structure

HEYA's Primary curriculum combines rigorous academic preparation with personalized deep-dive explorations and a set of scheduled activities to help younger students explore their budding interests by balancing structure with independent inquiry. 

HEYA Primary Curriculum Structure


To ensure HEYA’s programs are a good fit, we require all students to pass HEYA administered Strengths Assessment. This helps to give us a more comprehensive understanding of who each student is so that we can develop a truly personalized pathway that will meet their needs.

For Primary students, we glean this information through observing play-based activities and conversational interviews, which are integral to the primary years program. 

​Students who enroll in Gifted Program are required the School and College Admissions Test (SCAT), proctored at HEYA House, but administered by John Hopkins University’s Center for Talented Youth (CTY).

Within two weeks of completing the SCAT, students will receive a score report certifying their percentile level, which can then be used to show their gifted status.

SCAT results are recognized by many gifted and talented programs globally as an admission criterion, connecting students with diverse opportunities.


NOTE: Only students who enroll in John Hopkins gifted program are required to pass the SCAT test. Not all students are required to take the test. 

Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth

The Center for Talented Youth, a nonprofit academic center that is part of Johns Hopkins University, delivers academic excellence and transformational experiences to advanced learners in grades 2-12.

Founded in 1979, CTY fosters intellectual growth in exceptional students from all backgrounds and communities. As a world leader in gifted education, advocacy, and research, CTY provides:

  • Accredited, advanced online and on-campus courses often not found in school

  • Personalized instruction

  • An inclusive community of peers who share a passion for learning


Advanced students thrive when they accelerate their learning, challenge themselves, and follow their curiosity in a safe, supportive environment. So, whether you’re looking to get ahead in your studies, progress in a subject you love, or find a community where you can be yourself, there’s a CTY experience to help you meet your goals.

Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth

A Week at HEYA

We have a solid structure designed to expose students to a balanced curriculum while still keeping flexibility for personalized planning. The classes will be 75% instructed and 25% self-paced, facilitated learning. We also take students to the rock climbing gym at noon everyday for exercise. 

A week at heya


Read More About our Admissions Process

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