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Make a Switch and be Extrordinary

Secondary Programs for Gifted Learners

HEYA’s full-time program is the complete educational solution you’ve been looking for to replace your current school or homeschooling program. HEYA’s weekly schedule for each semester allows for a great deal of flexibility, as students take the lead in balancing academic learning, deep-dive exploration, mentoring and coaching, as well as socialization. Unlike the Primary program, our Secondary program ensures students are finding their own balance between guidance and independent exploration.

Design Your Own Learning Pathway 

HEYA pathways comprise four main pillars to allow each student to learn in a way that is both customized and comprehensive. We begin the building process with the Core Curriculum, incorporating the academic rigor demanded by gifted students and elite universities, then build in the Deep-Dive courses that allow students to experience the academic side of their passions. We follow this with Specializations, which give the student a real-world idea of how their passions can be applied professionally, then round out everything with HEYA Character, where we build the Universal Skills that everyone needs in order to thrive, both now and in the future!

HEYA Learning Plan Structure

STEP 1:  Choose Core Curriculum and Diploma from Top Schools

While traditional Schools do not give students any choices, Heya offers a range of top online schools from which you can get Certifications and Diplomas. This will provide more in-depth and enriched study, which is especially beneficial for gifted and talented students. 


STEP 2: Choose Subjects to Deep Dive!

Is there an academic subject that is especially interesting to you? HEYA lifts limitations and allows you to study any subject at as high a level as you are able without age limits. We also encourage students to take deep-dive courses from programs such as Johns Hopkins University's CTY. 

STEP 3 : Explore Area to Specialize

HEYA connects you with mentors and experts from all over the world to let you swim in the sea of practical knowledge and possibilities so you can achieve real results by doing real work.​


STEP 4: Build your Character

While HEYA believes that students should be free to explore their futures in-depth, we also know that building a successful and fullfilling future is much more than just knowledge. As such, our curriculum is designed to provide a core of what we refer to as Universal Skills, such as:

  • Speech and Communication

  • Time Management and Goal-Setting

  • Networking and Mentoring

  • Channeling Creativity

  • Documenting Progress and Reflection

  • Personal Financial Awareness and Responsibility

Check out a sample of how this integrates into a student's learning journey by clicking below.​

Dual-Credit Program

 HEYA partners with over 500 US universities to offer their courses directly, in a way that allows students to simultaneously earn credit for both high school and college. Graduate early with both a high school diploma and an Associate's Degree, allowing you to complete your Bachelor's degree in two years instead of four.

Sample of Personalized Learning Plan Summaries

Part-time Specialization Program

HEYA believes that each student should be exploring what their interests could look like as a profession, thus giving them a sense of direction and purpose that keeps them focused and excited to learn. We also support gifted homeschoolers and international school students who are looking for a way to supplement their current education, Our field of specialization includes the following:

  • Technology (Coding in Java/Python/Scratch to explore web and app development)

  • Entrepreneurship, Marketing, and Finance

  • Fine arts career exploration (Writing and Publishing, Digital Arts and Animation)

  • Architecture and Engineering

  • Science and Medicine

  • Fully customized programs based on interests in any field. You name it and we'll help you plan your exploration!

Extraordinary Life at HEYA

Who says school is boring. Fulfill your dream and  Live your fullest teen life with us !

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