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Alternative Schooling Programs in Bangkok

Academy for Talented
and Gifted Youngsters


HEYA's Student

Alternative Education Programs in Bangkok

HEYA is an international education center offering an alternative to traditional schooling and homeschooling especially for gifted and talented children.

We offer transcripts, certifications, and diplomas through world renowned institutions and provide advanced-level academics and specialization for primary and secondary students, ensuring a variety of options to meet different needs.


Our Story

HEYA was conceptualized 4 years ago with the goal of revolutionizing education and providing alternative programs.

We have developed a model that goes beyond the boundaries of traditional schooling, offering a holistic and personalized educational experience that gives students and their families the power to choose what, how and where they learn, and even who they learn with!

Experience the Best of Both Worlds

Traditional school too rigid ? Homeschooling too lonely?
HEYA is the Solution, offering the best of both worlds. 

Life at HEYA

With a ' Feel At Home ' Concept. HEYA House

provides a warm and safe environment with open spaces for collaboration and dedicated learning areas

for private coaching

The Alternative Way

Forget uniforms, tons of homework, and unexplained rules. AT HEYA we understand that being different is a strength, and our community celebrates this through diverse learning environments.

You can be yourself and meet like-minded rebels here.

 'HEYA made it possible for me to balance my dreams and academic needs.'
- Arthur Sitta Rodrigues

Why Choose HEYA



Choose your online curriculum from top US or UK schools and universities. 



We curate mentors and experts from all over the world based on each student's specific interest.



Learn at your own pace with your own curriculum and spend time studying what you want.



Study next to your friends, hang out, socialize, inspire and help each other. 



You can study anything at the level that's right for you, without any age limitations.



We make sure you are taken care of physically and emotionally, providing a safe and secure learning environment.

Happy kids learn best! 

Access Top International Institutions
through HEYA

Forget one size fits all. At HEYA you can choose certifications and diplomas that fit your goals, personality, and budget from top US and UK institutions. We take care of everything: monitoring and tracking results, facilitation, helping you submit assignments, test prep, and in-person classes or private tutoring.


Online schools are no longer lonely; you study next to your friends with HEYA providing both professional support and in-person teacher-led classes. 


Primary Education Programs

HEYA Primary offers both full-time programs and part-time options for gifted and talented 7-11 year olds. 

Secondary Education Programs

 HEYA Secondary crafts unique curriculum, certifications and programs to help each student age 12-17 reach their maximum potential in any field of interest. 

Christmas Vibes
Primary School Programs Thailand

Next Open House

We're thrilled to extend a special invitation to you and your family to join an exclusive Open House at HEYA House.

This event is limited to Only 3 families/round due to its intimate, personalized nature, adhering to the requirement for quality interaction. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to explore the future of education with HEYA, an inclusive community offering a rich variety of experiences!


What's in store for you:
✨ Introducing HEYA, the newest education model
🔍 Workshops on the benefits of HEYA's system, highlighting various alternative programs available.
🗣️ Q&A sessions with teachers and administrators, where community engagement is highly encouraged.
🏫 Guided tours showcasing HEYA's facilities
🤔 Informal discussions on education trends and parenting
🤝 Informational assessment session and fun activities for kids

Summer Talent Acceleration Reactor (S.T.A.R.) Programs 2024

HEYA is pleased to offer its first summer camp in Thailand, focused on nurturing and uncovering giftedness in your children. 

Our program will include fun activities and weekly themes designed to promote self-exploration while we take time to assess children's strengths and identify growth opportunities. At the end of the camp every student will get their assessment results and a summary learning plan showing how parents can best support their children moving forward. 



✨ Mock SCAT examination (used by Johns Hopkins University's Center for Talented Youth), with prep sessions to help maximize scores
🔍 MIDAS assessment to identify multiple intelligences (based on the research of Harvard University professor Howard Gardner)

 💥 THOMAS to assess students readiness for success (based on 16 Habits of the Mind developed by Dr. Bena Kallick and Dr. Art Costa)

 🌏 Project based Learning STEM theme every week. 

 🎤 Speech and personality development 

 🎨  Design Arts & Crafts 

 🇺🇸  English and mathematical reasoning  



🔍  Vision board to begin to find your passion and create your future 

 🥇 Assess strengths and challenges

 🌏 Weekly STEAM-focused Project-Based Learning themes to develop global leaders. 

 ✨ University Exploration 

 🎉 Early Career Specializations to help explore the areas that you love, be it game development, programming, mechanical engineering, psychology, veterinary medicine, writing, entrepreneurship, etc.. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is HEYA full-time or part-time?
    Actually, HEYA offers both full-time and part-time options. For families who want a full-time solution, HEYA provides all of the elements needed to make the switch to our unique method of preparing students for their futures. This includes academics through accredited online schools in both the US and UK, which will provide diplomas (US) or IGCSE and A-Level qualifications (UK) that will be universally accepted by the most competitive universities in the world. For families who are happy in their current full-time schools or with homeschooling but want their children to be able to show the extra elements they will need to impress top-tier universities, HEYA offers its deep-dive programs, portfolio development, and educational coaching services “a la carte,” so you can experience the HEYA advantage without having to sacrifice what you want to keep.
  • Where is HEYA House located?
    HEYA House is located on Soi Taweemit (Rama 9 Road Soi 7), about a 10-minute walk from Central Rama 9 and the Rama 9 MRT station. Our address is: 61/20 Soi Taweemit Village Rama 9 Road, Soi 7 Huaykwang, Bangkok 10310
  • How much do HEYA’s programs cost? How much will HEYA’s prices change over time?
    Currently, HEYA’s prices start at THB 94,000 per term with two terms in each school year. At present, our pricing includes a set of incentives that will, over the next couple of years, be phased out. It should be noted, however, that the initial investment for HEYA families does not include many of the fees and non-refundable charges that are included in many international and private Thai schools, making the cost of joining our community quite a bit lower than many other options.
  • What does your daily schedule look like?
    School starts at 9:00 each morning, with an hour for lunch, and runs through 3:00pm with extracurricular activity time following that.
  • Is HEYA a homeschool?
    HEYA Education is a learning center providing a new educational model that combines the best features of both homeschooling and traditional schooling. We especially focus on adding deep-dive learning experiences, guided by mentors who are leaders in their respective industries, into each student’s learning pathway. Pathways also include online academics, portfolio development, educational coaching, and university admissions counseling.
  • How many students does HEYA currently have?
    As HEYA is just in the process of enrolling students this number is changing. Our goal is to have between 50-100 students enrolled with us in our current location before we expand.
  • How do HEYA students build socialization skills?
    This is one of the reasons HEYA House exists. Even though students may be working on different subjects and projects, they do so together, under the watchful, nurturing eyes of experienced facilitators and coaches. Additionally, time is set aside for group projects and activities where students build collaborative skills.
  • Is HEYA in-person or onsite?
    HEYA provides the flexibility of studying onsite at HEYA House, online, or a combination of the two (often referred to as hybrid education).
  • What are the differences between UK and US curricula?
    There are numerous similarities and differences between the way American and British educators approach curriculum design. For more information, please see this blog post.
  • Does HEYA’s curriculum include teacher-led sessions/classes?
    Teacher-led sessions and classes can be an element of a personalized pathway at HEYA, but don’t have to be. Most educator-led activities will focus on group project-based learning or Universal Skills (sometimes referred to as “soft skills”) development. One-to-one tutoring is also available for both academic and non-academic subjects, and learning support is available for students with learning differences that require it.
  • How does the deep-dive part of HEYA’s program work?
    HEYA uses a series of coaching questions and assessments to determine the details of each student’s field of interest so that explorations can be narrowed down to accessible “chunks” that are turned into projects. From this a “Global Agreement”, or overarching goal is determined, and a pathway of short and medium-range goals are formed to explore it. All HEYA deep-dive programs culminate in a presentation of the student’s experience to a panel of experts in the field that was explored, with in-depth feedback and action items provided to either continue, iterate, or pivot toward further exploration.
  • Do you oversee submitting assignments and administration of online schools?
    HEYA’s expert facilitators and coaches monitor, assist, and oversee the submission of all assignments to online schools. Our staff and administrators also manage the details of each student’s account with the online schools.
  • How does HEYA source mentors for deep-dive exploration?
    HEYA’s co-founders both have extensive global networks in numerous industries that they can draw on to match students with leaders in their fields of interest. HEYA ensures that each mentor is not only highly experienced and a leader in their field but monitors sessions to ensure that a strong rapport is being built and that the mentors are temperamentally suited to work with children.
“I can't wait to learn new cool subjects”

Axel Martin, 17 years old

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