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Summer Program: Primary S.T.A.R. Power

Explore Your Child's Giftedness

Wondering if your child is gifted or talented, or how to nurture their abilities? Enroll them in HEYA's Primary Summer Talent Acceleration Reactor (S.T.A.R.) Program to explore a diverse range of themes. Experience our distinctive educational approach through a variety of activities. Your children will benefit from complimentary assessments and a mock SCAT test, ensuring personalized support. This summer, discover their passions and enjoy memorable moments with our community

Thai Summer: 4th March - 5th April 2024

International Summer: 17th June - 2nd Aug 2024

Rocket Launch

Week:1 Space Explorers

Focus on astronomy and the wonders of the universe by learning about rocketry and the planets.

Save the Planet

Week 2: Eco-Adventurers

This week is dedicated to learning about the environment, sustainability, and the importance of caring for our planet. Children will be giving speeches, participating in debates, writing, and preparing to be global leaders. 

Save the Planet
Dartboard Bullseye
Dartboard Bullseye

Week 3: Finance and Investment with Boardgames

This week students will have a fun time learning what money is, its history, why it’s important to save, and effective money management.

Week 4: Invention and Discovery

Students focus on science and innovation by completing experiments, creating their own inventions, and learning about famous inventors and scientists.

Art Class
Kids Making Breakfast

Week 5: Entrepreneurship and Business Week

This week kids will learn about startup mindset as they set up their own bakery business. From sourcing ingredients to making the products to marketing and selling it to the neighbors, children will learn about all of the aspects of starting a business, including how to calculate profit and loss to measure success.

Find out and nurture their giftedness

Students will be taking mock SCAT tests to determine their eligibility to enroll in John Hopkins University's Center for Talented Youth Programs. We will help to prepare them to use the logical and reasoning skills they need for success. 

Learning English
in A natural way

Students will get to learn and develop their language skills with experts to express themselves better in English. 

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Summer 2024 is open!

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