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What is HEYA Education

At HEYA, we recognize that one size does not fit all when it comes to education. That's why we offer a truly personalized learning experience that gives learners the control to navigate their own path towards success. With complete freedom and flexibility, students can select the subjects and skills they want to study and strike the ideal balance between academic achievement, life skills, early career development, and social life. The result is an education that is custom-fit to each student's unique needs, aspirations, and goals. Join the revolution in modern education and unlock your full potential with HEYA Education.

why sploosing

Elevate your educational experience:

Connect, learn, and grow with a supportive community

Flexibility and freedom:

Learners have flexibility and freedom to follow their personal interests and passion.

No emphasis on grades or test scores:

Achieve success on your own terms at a place where we values learning and real life results over grades 

Life skills development: 

Empower your future with life skills development

No judgment based on grades or test scores:

Achieve success on your own terms at a place where we value learning and real life results over grades

Traditional school




How we elevate homeschooling experience


Online curriculum from world-class universities is a smart investment in your child's future. Recognized worldwide by universities and employers, it provides your child with a ticket to the world's leading academic institutions. The curriculum's focus on critical thinking, evaluation, engagement, and innovation equips your child with the skills to succeed in the fast-paced, modern world.


At HEYA, we offer a personalized approach to education through goals, guidance, and one-on-one and small group instruction, maximizing individualized learning. With no traditional classroom setting, students receive focused attention and support. Our program inspires students to delve into their interests without limitations.


Students are empowered to cultivate a well-rounded education through the exploration of life skills and early career training of their choice, led by expert practitioners in the field. Students also get to take on various roles at HEYA to develop valuable skills, responsibility and play an active part in shaping their dream school.


At HEYA, students are given the chance to foster their social skills and build a sense of community through collaborative experiences and activities. Whether it's participating in team-building exercises or celebrating special events together, we provide opportunities for students to develop both soft and hard skills in a supportive and inclusive environment.


At HEYA, we understand the importance of comprehensive support for student success. While these services are not included in tuition, we offer the option of personalized support from a mentor, therapist, physician, career coach, and guide for those who may benefit from additional resources. Our team is dedicated to ensuring the holistic well-being and success of each student. 


We understand the importance of safety and care for parents' peace of mind. We strive to provide a secure and nurturing environment for each student to ensure their overall well-being and success. Optional benefits such as healthy meal options, insurance coverage, and personal transportation services, are based on the needs and requests of each student.

What makes us unique ?

Our guidance and flexible structure empower students and their families to design a personalized learning experience like no other. They have the freedom to choose their preferred learning methodologies, balance academic pursuits with social engagement, and focus on the subjects that drive their passion. This level of customization and control sets our approach apart and paves the way for truly transformative educational journeys. 


Rigorous education quality  

The core subjects we offer are compatible with the UK A level system, IGCSE, US diplomas, AP, and GED. Students can choose comprehensive study packages or specific units most applicable to their learning goals. They can further focus on specialized training, while satisfying the minimum requirements for their diplomas. We also help students to build unique portfolios and prepare for college applications.

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Why HEYA Education 

  • Meet standard requirements for UK Lower secondary, IGCSE and A levels as well as American diplomas (including AP courses) and GED

  • Freedom to choose learning style that fits them

  • Dive deeper into any subjects that match students’ interests 

  • Choose level of social interaction they would like 

  • Flexible study schedule to fit early career development such as acting, professional athletics or digital nomad lifestyle 

We have collaborated with educators, counselors, therapists, professionals and experts from all over the world to cater to students' individual needs

Our values

We believe in creating a dynamic and empowering atmosphere where our students thrive. Our core values of serving others, community integrity, honesty, kindness, humbleness, and global citizenship serve as a beacon for how we interact and make decisions every day. We inspire our students to prioritize the needs of others, lead with honesty and ethics, show compassion and empathy, maintain a humble demeanor, and have a broad perspective on the world. These values are ingrained in our school culture and drive the education we provide, shaping our students into responsible and empathetic individuals.


HEYA curriculum and learning methods are based on our students’ individual needs and passions. We facilitate the process by working with each child to develop a plan to explore their interests, and then implement it, guiding students to meet the goals they have selected, evaluating their progress, while leaving room for the inevitable adjustments that come with growth and self-realization. We encourage the love for each other and for humanity.

How to join HEYA

We welcome you 

HEYA begins by identifying learning goals, interests and character, then matches learning experiences to individual preferences. Students will take assessments to analyze character, learning style(s), strengths and weaknesses. This will be followed by an interview with the team to collaborate on what will be the best fit for the student. Students will receive a holistic personalized plan for their primary and secondary education

Contact us to schedule an interview and assessment free of charge

Head of learning journey

Alec Goldman

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